Directions to Murfreesboro, NC 27855

1. Below is a map of the town of Murfreesboro. The blue dot on the map is my apartment building, the Helms Center is about a 2 minute walk from there. There is lots of parking around my apartment building. Handicap parking is located at the Helms Center only. 

 2. There are several ways into Murfreesboro from I-95. One way is to get off for the exit for Cortland, VA 301. Another way, which direction wise, is easier, is to go straight to Roanoke Rapids, NC and take 158 all the way to Murfreesboro, NC. If you are coming from the south, I suggest taking Roanoke Rapids. From the North, I suggest taking Cortland, VA. 301.

3. If you are coming from Virginia Beach or the surrounding areas you will take 64 to 664/460/13 towards Suffolk, Virginia. From Suffolk Virginia you will take 58 through Suffolk to S. Quay Rd. to 189 to 258 just below Franklin, VA. You will follow 258 straight into Murfreesboro, NC. 

Please note if you plug, One University Place, Murfreesboro, NC into your GPS or cellphone maps, it will come up. It is very simply to follow. When you get into Murfreesboro, from whichever direction, it is easiest to look at the very first map, to find your way around or contact me. In the itinerary section, there is a map of the Chowan Campus. Commencement is to be held in Squirrel Park on the Main Campus this year (Outside).